PM Yekhanurov declares that Ukraine will be supplied with gas in full measure. He also mentioned that there is enough volume of gas in Ukraine’s store-houses for industry to work till the corresponding documents have been signed by both parts. The same time he stressed that existent contacts will be in force until the new ones have been signed.

As it was said before, Ukraine uses 76 billion cubic metres of gas annually, extracts 20 billion cubic metres, and receives 24 billion c. m. of Russian gas as a transit payment and imports 37 billion c. m. of Turkmen gas and other countries of Middle Asia.

Opening the consultation with the heads of the state regional administration, Yekhanurov reported that National Commission on Energy Regulation and Economy Ministry of Ukraine proposed to revise the gas tariffs for population. The price will be increased for the citizens of Ukraine, Yekhanurov told.

Prime Minister of Ukraine also declares that Russian Gazprom is probably being pressed on. According to Yekhanurov, Russia’s proposition can not be regarded as a market approach - “Gazprom is probably being pressed on.”


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