Crimean organization of Party of Regions decided to hold All-Crimean consultative referendum on the second state language status for the Russian language in the region, as informed the press office of the organization.

According to Vasil Kyselyov, head of the Crimean Party of Regions, the organization will not hold All-Ukrainian referendum as they have no doubts in resistance from the government’s side. “But we will start the procedure on the regional level,” underlined Kyselyov.

“The decision concerning the status of second state language for the Russian language can be made by means of referendum only. Lawyers have confirmed that the Parliament’s decision is not enough, but the people’s will is necessary. That’s why we will hold the referendum,” noted Kyselyov.

According to the leader of the organization, Sevastopol has already shown its attitude towards the referendum. Sevastopol’s organization of Party of Regions has collected 75 thousand out of 30 thousand required signatures in support of the referendum idea. “I have no doubts that millions of Russian speaking people will support us,” declared Kyselyov.

Besides, he pointed out that holding of the referendum requires considerable means. Crimean “regionals” intends to insist on holding the referendum in the day of the parliamentary elections.


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