Today 1+1 live broadcast hosts Kuchma’s security guard Mykola Melnychenko and the Chairman of Temporary Parliamentary Investigation Committee on Cassette Scandal and Its Influence on National Safety Victor Drachevsky taking part in “This Is What I Think” TV show by Hanna Bezulyk.

As a reminder, Mykola Melnychenko did not come to give evidence in the Committee meeting because he had to be interrogated in General Office of Public Prosecutor at the same time, Committee member Evhen Filindash told referring to “Melnychenko’s intimates.”

But Chairman of the Committee Drachevsky was puzzled with Melnychenko’s absence. “I tried to hand over the notice  to Melnychenko through his intimates, Ivan Bokiy particularly, because Melnychenko does not have the fixed residence and every night changes it. On Wednesday we got the information that Melnychenko was in the General Office of Public Prosecutor, so we ask him to visit the next session of the Committee,” said Drachevsky.

The next time Drachevsky will notify Security service of Ukraine (SBU) and the General Office of Public Prosecutor in advance about the regular session of the Committee on December 14. He hopes such measure will help to coordinate Melnychenko’s schedule.

Today TV show may turn in the real interrogation because of 80 questions prepared by Drachevsky for ex-mayor. The last week Serhiy Kyslov and Volodymyr Shepel – ex-security guards – answered the Committee’s questions. In particular, Serhiy Kyslov appealed the version that Melnychenko supposedly had free access to the President’s room. Shepel in turns said Melnychenko tried to resign twice and asked permission to get foreign passport on the eve of the cassette scandal.


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