Paparazzi magazine publisher Walid Harfouch in the exclusive interview to forUm called who had ordered and executed the arson of his Bentley. The interview was given on December 2 in order to protect Walid Harfouch from possible consequences of publishing the documental evidences against the President’s close circle. “Most likely some high authorities have got to know that we have all information concerning the case. I want this information will be posted before the official publication” commented Harfouch.

WH - During our investigation carried out independently from Ukrainian authorities, we have found out the name of real client of the arson and the names of direct executors of it. The President’s Adviser on Investment Affairs Joseph Harris ordering the arson acted in accordance with Andriy Yushchenko’s request. According to our information, the crime was committed by three Russian citizens and two Ukrainians. I will get their names in the nearest time.

- Some politicians and experts prefer to state that you did the arson by yourself purposing your aim to push up sales of the magazine…

WH - The first time such version was sounded from President’s Press Secretary Iryna Herashchenko’s lips on October 2 (the next day after Bentley’s arson). As far I know it is the official investigation considers the same version as Herashchenko did. There is the great probability that the organizers involved the house guard who was on duty that day. I suspect the law enforcement agencies to accuse him of the crime in order to find a way out.

- Why did Andriy Yushchenko ask Harris to help him?

WH - Yushchenko has the very close ties with Harris. We are familiar by hearsay with Andriy’s mysterious friend who let him drive his car and so on. So, Harris is the very friend. Moreover he helps not only Andriy but the rest of the Yushchenkos. He paid for the plane which brought Kateryna Yushchenko from the USA back to Ukraine. The very Harris became the middleman of $8-million financial aid given by Kaddaffi for Orange Revolution. Some people perfectly know the purposes of Zinchenko’s visit to Libya right after Yushchenko’s victory. He went there in order to thank Kaddaffi personally.

Harris sponsored the meeting of Gerard Depardieu with President Yushchenko in Kyiv. A day or two ago, my brother Omar has told Depardieu about our suspicions regarding Harris.

In the main Harris is the family cashier. He is need when someone must pay or be paid. By the way, according our information Andriy Yushchenko is to get his own office in the territory of adviser Harris’ office.

- Do you think Victor Yushchenko knows that Harris involved in the arson?

WH - I think, he does know. During his recent visit to France, in response to Omar’s question the President said he would take my case under his own control and offered to provide me with guard. He also said the very important thing “we need to know who turned off the cameras of two embassies.” To find it out is really necessary because two cameras - Iranian and EU Embassies – were turned off at the time of attack. I should say it was really hard to do.

Besides, we have reliable information that having come back to Kyiv Victor Yushchenko gave strict order to leave me alone. And we have recently had a clue why he did it. According to our information, Bentley’s arson was only the first step. Another aggression was planned directly against me. However, the President’s order has come in handy.

- What are you going to do?

WH - We are going to bring an action against Harris and Andriy Yushchenko in France and Switzerland and address to the Committee to Fight Terrorism. We want the interrogation warrant of Yushchenko and Harris to be valid over Schengen. There are concrete persons who may be interrogated. There are witnesses who will not refuse to give evidences.

- Why do not you bring an action to Ukrainian court?

WH - After all we have seen we do not trust in Ukrainian justice.


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