At a press conference after the Ninth Ukraine – EU Summit in Kyiv, Victor Yushchenko said he appreciated its results, the President's press office reported.

“To my mind, this has been the most successful Ukraine - EU summit ever conducted,” he opined.

It is successful because it yielded specific results, he added. Ukraine and the EU signed several agreements and reached some significant decisions to enhance our relations.

“We are going through a very important phase of our relations with the European Union,” Yushchenko said.

The Head of State reiterated that our country’s strategic goal was to join the European Union, and he pledged that Ukraine would spare no effort for the “European community to see new advantages and no additional problems” in our membership.

“We are convinced that Ukraine is an integral part of the political, economic and humanitarian European space,” he concluded.

Then the President said, during the summit, its participants noted that the Ukraine-EU Action Plan was being efficiently implemented in “all its six spectra.” Ukraine particularly succeeded in trade, security, and justice.

Yushchenko emphasized thatwe had expected to “hear a positive signal from leaders of the EU about negotiations on visa issues.”

“I feel our opinion on this issue is common and I hope forgood talks,” he stressed.

The Head of State also noted that EU leaders had welcomed Ukraine’s growing role in ensuring security in the world. He added that they had discussed new ways to settle the Trans-dniester conflict. During the summit, Ukraine was also complimented for successfully “doing its homework” to join the WTO.

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