Yesterday’s evening journalists were meeting ex-major of State Guard Mikolay Melnichenko and former deputy of Ukraine Oleksandr Yelyashkevich. The waiting lasted almost three hours.

Andriy Shkil, member of BYuT faction, explained that the delay was connected with the absence of guard. It turned out that Yelyashkevich was not given a guard and this question was settled directly in “Borispil” airport. The Head of Security Service of Ukraine gave him soldiers from “Alpha” subdivision.

Finally, heroes of the day came out to journalists. Having apologized for the delay, Yelyashkevich informed journalists that Mikolay Melnichenko would be guarded by a special subdivision.

In response to the question why did they fly through Moscow, Yelyashkevich said they did not have Polish visas.

“Unfortunately, there are not so many countries, through which we, Ukrainians, can travel without visas,” specified Melnichenko.

In the interview to journalist Yelyashkevich declared that they had arrived in Ukraine to complete “Kuchma case”.

“We have come back Ukraine, as it is our home, and we will live here. We will do our best to make Kuchma and his gang pay for all their crimes against journalists,” said Yelyashkevich.

“There are facts, which prove that Kuchma heads a criminal organization. The members of the gang are Lytvyn, Azarov, the late Kravchenko, Volkov and others. There are a lot of them. Our task is to prevent them from interference in democratic development of our country,” added Melnichenko.

Melnichenko also reported that he had given the latest official evidence November 23. Yelyashkevich pointed out that had no possibility to meet former Prosecutor General Svyatoslav Piskun for three years, as the latter “was hiding” from Yelyashkevich.

Yelyashkevich had promised to carry a press conference next week, Monday or Tuesday.

“As for the questions you are asking now, I will answer them later. We need to meet some people in Ukraine in order to supplement our information. It must be taken into account that Kuchma’s criminal organization is still strong. It will try to do everything possible to discredit important witnesses and to destroy the proofs. Soon you will get al necessary information. We will be accessible to you and to General Office of Public Prosecutor,” said Yelyashkevich to journalists.


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