Victor Yushchenko has introduced the newly appointed Prosecutor General, Alexander Medvedko, to his staff, he President’s press office told.

The Head of State said he expected Medvedko to implement efficient staff policy and more actively reform the body.He noted that there were “many complaints about ‘staff purity’ of the Prosecutor General’s Office.”

“I think you should renew your staff by dismissing several people that do not perform their duties honestly,” he said.

Yushchenko also urged those present to reform the body and formulate a plan for 2006. He believes it must be “clear and accurate” to restore people’s trust in the body. (According to recent surveys,46% of Ukrainian citizens do not trust it.)

The President noted that he planned to meet Medvedko and his deputies in a few months to discuss ways to renew fundamentals of their work. He assured all they could rely on him.

Yushchenko asked Medvedko to create normal working conditions at local Prosecutor’s Offices.

The President said the Prosecutor General’s Office “has failed to work efficiently” in the past ten months. He believes they did not manage to disclose such resonant crimes as his poisoning and the murders of Georgy Gongadze and Igor Aleksandrov and did not diligently investigate last year’s large-scale electoral fraud.

“Obviously, weshould look for very high executors and organizers of this fraud,” he said.

The President stressed, "If we do not find them, the nation willnever believe we have realized that fraud is inadmissible.”

Yushchenko said he was convinced that most of those present had recentlythought “the Prosecutor General’s Office has been servicing itself.”

“It was the center of political amnesties but not the center to assert the supremacy of the law,” he said, addingthat the ex-Prosecutor General had probably abused the so-called telephone right.

To encourage those present, the President said he was sure most of them were first-class professionals.


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