According to Economics Ministry data, there were basically minor fluctuations of prices observed in Ukrainian food market in October.

On October 20, 2005, prices for beef, pork, sausages increased correspondingly by 0.7% (from 20.1 UAH to 20.24 UAH per kg), by 0.4 % (from 24.01 UAH to 24.1 UAH per kg), by 0.3% (from 12.34 UAH to 12.38 UAH per kg).

Egg price increased by 1.4%, from 3.6 UAH to 3.65 UAH per ten eggs. Prices for milk, sour cream, butter grew by 1.4% (from 2.22 UAH to 2.25 UAH per liter), by 0.7% (from 7.63 UAH to 7.68 UAH per kg), by 0.6 % (from 12.53 UAH to 12.61 UAH per kg), respectively.

Prices lowered for pork fat (by 0.2 %, from 15.94 UAH to 15.91 UAH per kg), for poultry meat (by 2.6 %, from 14.28 UAH to 13.9 UAH per kg).

On October 10-20 average prices for sugar across Ukraine lowered by 0.6 %, from 3.58 UAH to 3.56 UAH per kg, same as prices for sunflower seed oil, which decreased by 0.3%, from 6.45 UAH to 6.43 UAH per litre.

Prices for bread, baked from first grade flour, rye-wheat mixes, extra grade wheat flour and for extra grade wheat flour did not change and stood at1.69 UAH, 1.53 UAH, 2.13 UAH and 1.59 UAH per kg.

Average prices lowered for vermicelli (by 0.4 %, from 2.43 UAH to 2.42 UAH per kg), for buckwheat (by 2.4 %, from 3.28 UAH to 3.2 UAH per kg), for farina (by 0.4 %, from 2.28 UAH to 2.27 UAH per kg), for rice (by 0.3 %, from 3.28 UAH to 3.27 UAH per kg).

There were growths in average prices for vegetable products. Prices for potatoes, carrots, beets, onions grew by 14 % (from 1.14 UAH to 1.3 UAH per kg), 2.4 % (from 1.66 UAH to 1.7 UAH per kg), 5.2 % (from 1.35 UAH to 1.42 UAH per kg), and by 3.8 % (from 1.56 UAH to 1.62 UAH per kg), correspondingly.

The average prices for cabbage lowered by 1.3 %, from 1.57 UAH to 1.55 UAH per kg.

In comparison with October 2005, last year's similar period witnessed growth in prices for rice, sunflower seed oil, eggs, though prices for extra grade wheat flour, vermicelli, buckwheat, farina, beef, pork, pork fat, poultry meat, sausages, milk, sour cream, butter, sugar, potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beet roots and onions tended to low.

Proceeding from October 2005 trends, Economy Ministry’s experts predict stable prices for bread, insignificant reductions in prices for sugar, seasonal increases in prices for milk and dairy products and negligible fluctuations of prices for other basic food products.


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