Today Alex Goldfarb took part in ForUm's online-conference. There are his several interesting approaches towards Ukraine:
-Alex, aren’t you sick and tired of being Berezovsky’s right hand?

Alex Goldfarb: No, so far. Berezovsky is not an easy person to work with because of his impulsive character and very short “attention span”: he thinks simultaneously twenty thoughts and it is too hard to follow them. But it goes without saying he is a phenomenon and to work with him is a adventure.

Lada: For whom will BAB (Boris Abramovich Berezovsky) stand in the parliamentary elections-2006? They say, forTimoshenko…

AG: Askhim. All what I’ve heard form him is that he would like Yushchenko and Timoshenko to make it up with each other because they are ideologically similar. It is just two different political clans which are to e together.

www: one spring day you said you came to Kiev because you were interested in Ukraine after Revolution. So, are you still interested and do you like it???

AG: In my opinion all what happens here is very exiting process. The history is winding before my very eyes. Taking my narrow Moscow-NY view of what happens here is first of all a collapse of empire. There were lots of empires but they all decayed in the latter years: Britain, Dual Monarchy, Ottoman and now Russian one. And the right thing which must be done by Russian elite is to resign imperial claims and to become normal European country. It is exactly what Ukraine did. Russia continues to cling to this non-viable idea. It will have bad end.
Kostik: Will Ukraine grant visa to Berezovsky?
AG: It is difficult to say. According to the law and common sense Ukraine must do it, Zvarych (ex-Minister of Justice) said so. But in reality the thing is that Berezovsky’s visit in any country provokes Kremlin’s hysterics. And we know the one of the conditions concerning “normalization” of Yushchenko’s relations with Kremlin Administration was “no Berezovsky in Kiev.” By the way Kremlin posses powerful methods of persuasion – oil and gas. So, Yushchenko’s situation is quiet clear.
Social Organization: Berezovsky’s Civil Liberties Fund is going to finance “civil initiatives” of election campaign in Ukraine. What is the package of necessary documents for participation in the contest on your support?
AG: On Monday we will spread information in the World Wide Web.
Sana: Don’t you afraid the Soros Foundation’s fate to repeat with your Fund?
AG: Such dismal end waits for all organizations. I worked 10 years with Soros before Berezovsky. And I might see several corruption gates in his Moscow Fund. As CIA’s William Casey said “the effectiveness of organization is an inverse ratio to the number of personnel. In connection with this, it is too small and I am afraid that it will not reach Soros’s size. But in any case, Soros’ merit was greater tan any state program.
Svetlana: According to your biography, you left former USSR in 1975.
How much you are successful in Israel, Germany and in the USA?
How much do you know about situation in Ukraine or in Russia if you live abroad these countries with "lovely» BAB?
What kind of help can you propose?
Thank you.
AG: In my other profession, which is medical research, I believe, I am doing fine. As for situation in Ukraine, the world is a"global village" so it is not a problem to follow what's going on.
Peter: Mr. Goldfarb,
you and Yuri Felshtinsky have not made good on your promises to make recordings (all the recordings) received from mmm available to journalists writing investigating the Gongadze case.
why not?
what copies of recordings, exactly, have you, Berezovsky, et al. received from Boldanyuk, when and for how much?
why is 5elementplus selectively releasing incorrectly dated and incorrectly transcribed recordings?
AG:Good question! I am afraid, that doing so will create a cascade of uncontrollable scandals, which may destabilize situation. Maybe after election....

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