The National Bank of Ukraine approves hryvnya reacquisition of currency payment for 93.02% of Kryvorizhstal. The reacquisition will be carried out by central bank, the member of National Bank of Ukraine Igor Yushko reported.

“They approved possibility and necessity of reacquisition of all kryvorizhstal’s funds by hryvnya. Let the hryvnya funds be on the state Property Fund’s account and then – on the State Treasury’s one,” said Yushko.

According to him, on November 18 the National Bank Council will consider the changes into the money-and-credit policy of the current year.

The Head of Parliamentary Committee on Finance and bank Activity Sergey Buryak stressed that the reacquisition would not influence on the hryvnya’s rate and inflation because the funds would be spent for expense items having been provided by the budget and for debt payments. So, it is not to provide for money excess which usually leads to inflation.


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