The deputy of Ukraine Vladimir Sivkovich comments on Kryvorizhstal’s auction. He reckons Kryvoriznstal’s re-sale to lead to loss of Ukrainian economic safety. He said that the sale of Kryvorizhstal is the same great mistake as it was the sale of oil-refinery plants.

“Having lost the of oil-refinery industry Ukraine lost control under oil market. The re-sale of Kryvorizhstal (it satisfied 100% needs of inner market in steel) makes the inner market dependent on new owner; it will increase the prices on the construction and housing. And moreover, the government will not be able to influence it,” explained Sivkovich.

He is definitely sure that Kryvorizhstal had to be the national enterprise and to make a profit for it.

Asked the question on violations of the law concerning the fact of prohibition of the sale by the parliament, Sivkovich said that the parliamentary decision could not prevent the re-sale but the European Court on Human Rights can. The former owners of Kryvorizhstal – Rinat Akhmetov and Victor Pinchuk – handed an appeal and the European Court accepted them for consideration.


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