During the round-table discussion “Orange revolution: expectations and results” ex-State Secretary Alexander Zinchenko announced that Ukrainian society could forgive power some of its slips touching on the domestic politics but it would not be able to forgive the treason of Maydan’s principles.

Zinchenko also mentioned that Orange Revolution failed to reach its main goal but at the same time the consequences of the revolution were quite positive. Zinchenko called the orange Revolution “an example of people’s creative solutions and creative work.” “It is too early to say about ‘privatization’ of the revolution’s results,” added ex-State Secretary.

According to him, Victor Yushchenko must be aware of fact that he does not owe his team the victory in the presidential elections.

Nikolay Katerinchuk the deputy of Ukraine in turns stressed that the power had faced “more trials than triumph.” He pointed out the blunders of new power: the first is one failure to meet Maydan’s promises and the second one – failure “to dismantle Kuchmism.” He stated that new power used the same policy as the old one for the solution of some problem especially at the level of the local authorities.

In Katerinchuk’s opinion, these who had supported Revolution became more democrats than those who came to power. “It is impossible to build new reforms in accordance with the old examples,” added Katerinchuk.


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