The General Office of Public Prosecutor has charged the Security Service of Ukraine to eye US and Hong Kong bank accounts belonging to Patriarch of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kiev Patriarchy Filaret. The Security Service must find out whether there are funds of Communist Party on these accounts.

The source of the information is the press service of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy. It reports that the General Prosecutor satisfied the official appeal of the deputy of Ukraine Oleg Grach concerning Filaret’s efforts to place $350 million on his accounts in the US and Hong Kong banks.

The scandal was given publicity by the US attorney form Florida who brought a suit. The attorney had conducted this affair but was not paid the promising honorary of $9. Another scandal concerning $500 million in European banks became known along with the attorney’s suit.

The US special services suspected that it was the money-laundering of drug-dealers. The last case of that kind was concerned by Interpol and Ukrainian Security Service. There was the same sum of money which had been failed to be placed on European accounts.

The communists-deputies of Verkhovna Rada suspected that Filaret’s money was the millions of the Communist Party which had transferred it on Filaret’s (Denisenko) bank accounts in 1991 after its prohibition.


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