The main mistake of ex-premier was absence of her ministers in the Cabinet. That is she did not appoint any minister by herself.

According to Brodsky, the only Timosenko’s person was ex-Head of Security service of Ukraine Alexander Turchinov. He also mentioned that “under Turchinov there was increasing confidence in the Security Service of Ukraine. The officials of the Service became to respect themselves and not to be ashamed of working in this structure.” As a reminder, the Security Service is the modern analogue of former KGB.

“If the President Yushchenko is indignant at Turchinov who eyed for his friends instead of corruption, so what is a problem? None is guilty that his friends have appeared to be the representatives of corruption,” explained Mikhail Brodsky mentioning Poroshenko, Tretyakov and Martynenko.

He also said about Timoshenko’s supporters in the Cabinet – Tomenko and Teryokhin, who suffered because of their opposite sights.


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