Kharkov Department of the Ukrainian Security Service along with the Kharkov Police Department to Fight Human Trafficking Crimes arrested three criminal groups which were engaged in export of Ukrainian girls abroad for sexual exploitation. The press service of the Ukrainian Security Service reported.

The officials of the regional the Security Service Department exposed the criminal activity of Ukrainian citizen who organized export Kharkov dwellers in Baltic countries. According to agreement with foreign clients, she had to arrange the departure of three girls in Vilnius from the Kiev Central Railroad Terminal. But the law enforcement agencies interfered with her efforts.

Another criminal group consisted of three malefactors were arrested in Kharkov Railroad Terminal when they were making an attempt to send two girls to Moscow. It was the main human traffic channel to Moscow exposed in Kharkov region.

The last criminal case was instituted against the citizen of Ukraine who had organized the human trafficking from Ukraine to the Great Britain. He was the member of the international criminal group.

The criminal cases have been brought and the investigation is to be continued.


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