Khreshchatik Street – the very center of Kiev became an arena for the battle of OUN-UPA (Ukrainian Nationalist Organization-Ukrainian Rebel Army) with CPU (Communist Party Ukraine).

Bars special division and police cannot interfere in situation because of the people breaking through the police cordon.

CPU supporters snap OUN-UPA flags up and break them. There are victims in the furious crowd, the photo-reporters included.

The atmosphere became heated because of the communists. They come closer to OUN representatives and cry “OUN are fascists” and other.

Khreshchatik Street looks like a war arena. Policemen have divided the opposite sides. But OUN young supporters try to reach the communists.

We remind that two meetings of confronting movements were planned to be held. OUN-UPA meeting might be in Bessarabskaya Street and the Communist Party – in Evropeyskaya Ploshcha (European Square. OUN-UPA demands to accept the Second War Veteran status for UPA soldiers. It celebrates it’s the 63rd anniversary. CPU protests against it.


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