“Watching on Berezovsky now (his ambiguous statement concerning his financial operations for the sake of Ukraine), I come to final conclusion how Timoshenko got money,” stated Zhvania.

“Yushchenko’s election campaign for the president was financed only by the fund from the start to finish. That is to use another finance resource would mean the violation of Ukrainian law. But the support of political parties and social organizations was financed by the very “another” resources giving by the supporters of the candidate. Yulia Timoshenko accomplished election campaign in nine regions of Ukraine and as she said it was out of her own pocket. But her declared spent sum sounds similar to Berezovsky’s finance project,” explained Zhvania.

“Timoshenko said she would give $15 million. It sounded pretty much," added Zhvania.

To Zhvania’s opinion, Timoshenko pledged Berezovsky something and when she had dismissed he was shocked and started ‘to cry out.”


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