The September agreement on cooperation between the power and the opposition was concluded with the aim of withdrawing the State from the crisis, Ukraine's President Victor Yushchenko stressed in Lvov Thursday.

As the President believes, the September memorandum with the opposition has much in common with the pact of stability, which German politicians signed in 1948, when the state suffered huge economic problems. That political step promoted speedy implementation of economic reforms and the progress of the state, which later was named the economic miracle, Victor Yushchenko said.

According to him, "there is no drama or tragedy" in the events, which Ukraine currently faces. Governments change in many countries. Truly historical where the events of November - December 2004, which determined Ukraine's destiny for hundred years. "I'm confident that Ukraine is becoming a modern territory of Europe, to which respect of political and business partners will grow every day", the President said.


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