The government will solve gas problems with Russia in the context of the parties' joint work, so there will be no sensational news about this, Prime Minister Yuri Yekhanurov said on Saturday.

They keep asking me about the gas problem and I tell them that it will be futile to look for any sensational news as the Government will work to create normal conditions for the people, every day, Prime Minister said.

Commenting on his latest visit to Moscow, Yekhanurov noted it had allowed the parties to exchange opinions and clear those stumbling blocks which had formed in Ukrainian - Russian relations.

"Victor Andriyovych (Yushchenko) gave me clear instructions, and I am very grateful for his telephone talk with Vladimir Putin before my meeting with the Russian President," Yuri Yekhanurov noted.

Shortly, Prime Minister said, the Yushchenko - Putin Commission will convene. The Commission incorporates several committees, including the Economic Committee, co-chaired by Prime Ministers.

The Economic Committee, Yuri Yekhanurov further disclosed, will tackle eleven major areas of Ukrainian - Russian economic cooperation.


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