As Socialist Party leader Alexander Moroz contends, Ukraine's government must work professionally, so there should be no persons in the Cabinet who are immediately engaged in business activity.

According to the Socialist Party's press office, Alexandeer Moroz made a public utterance to the above effect, speaking at a Saturday press conference in Crimea's administrative center, Simferopol.

The main thing is to make government start working professionally, with a view of stabilizing the situation and preventing the economy from degradation before the 2006 parliamentary election, Alexander Moroz was quoted as saying.

In Alexander Moroz's opinion, ministers, who are Socialist Party members, must retain their posts in the new Government.

As Moroz disclosed, on Friday he sent a paper to President Victor Yushchenko to petition the Head of State for preserving the posts, held by Baranivskiy (acting Agrarian Policy Minister), Lutsenko (acting Minister of Internal Affairs) and Nikolayenko (acting Education & Science Minister).

According to Moroz, he does not rule out other Socialist Party members' appointments to posts in the new Cabinet.


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