Talks between acting Foreign Minister Borys Tarasyuk of Ukraine and his Russian opposite number, Sergey Lavrov drew to a close in Moscow.

As Tarasyuk told a follow-up news conference, the parties agreed to spare no effort to preserve the positive atmosphere of Ukrainian - Russian relations.

An agreement was reached on holding a meeting of experts before the two Presidents meet.

According to Tarasyuk, some additional issues have been entered in the Ukraine - Russia Action Plan, which involve borderline demarcation issues, an agreement on readmission, opening new consular offices in Ukraine and Russia, simplified citizenship procedures and which will be submitted to the two Heads of State for consideration.

The very list of questions, which were thus discussed, mirrors the meeting as having been very constructive and productive, Borys Tarasyuk noted.

In turn, Minister Lavrov referred to the talks as very intense and full-blooded.

The talks, he said, have reaffirmed both parties' readiness to further improve the atmosphere of Russian - Ukrainian relations, in line with the two Presidents' directives.

As Lavrov noted, the meeting also adjusted parameters of the Subcommission for international matters within the Putin - Yushchenko Commission.

The parties also agreed to promptly establish a subcommission for BSF-related matters.

According to Lavrov, the meeting also resulted in approval of the draft agreement on border-crossing procedures for residents of Russia's and Ukraine's adjacent provinces.


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