Ex-Prime Minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko intends to offer President Victor Yushchenko to unite again their efforts and to form new government together, as reported by Timoshenko on the press-conference.
She pointed out that she is ready to negotiate at any moment.
“At present hard time I want to extend a helping hand to Victor Andreevich and to offer my shoulder. I am ready to hold negotiations with President even today and to return our cooperation. I want to be a single team again,” declared Timoshenko, having added that she does not take offence at Yushchenko.
But at the same time she pointed out that she is ready to unite with President only, but not with his team.
In response to the question what will happen if President refuses in his turn to extend a hand to Timoshenko, ex-PM has said that she does not want “to run ahead” and to suppose even a thought of refusal.
Yulia Timoshenko has underlined that reconciliation with President is possible only in case of her reinstatement in office of Prime Minister of Ukraine. “Other offices are out of the question,” pointed out Timoshenko.

Rostislav Ishchenko, vice president of Center of corporative relations study

I am sure, that “extending a helping hand” to President, Timoshenko means full and unconditional surrender of Yushchenko. Yulia Vladimirovna has declared that she does not separate herself from her team, and at the same time she has underlined that she is ready to extend her hand to President only, but not to his team.

In fact, she strikes President’s inner circle off the political process and wants to enclose him within herself and her team only. If Yushchenko accepts her “helping hand”, he will become a figure-president under plenipotentiary Premier Timoshenko even before political reform will come in force.

The reinstatement in the office of Prime Minister of Ukraine is very important for Timoshenko from the moral and political point view. In such a way she would show that President can not do without her. Yushchenko would not be considered as an active player on political arena after this.

After Yekhanurov’s appointment Timoshenko will not go to his government. Any other office except for Prime Minister means acknowledgement of her defeat.

Josef Vinsky, MP, Socialistic Party of Ukraine

I would not like to comment on Timoshenko’s words and actions, as their logic is not clear for me last time. Let her to clarify her relations with President. As for me, their confrontation is of subjective nature.

President may offer her another post, but taking into consideration Timoshenko’s ambitions, it is rather difficult to forecast something connected with her.

Stepan Khmara, MP, former member of BYuT

Timoshenko’s proposition of reconciliation with Yushchenko in exchange for PM’s office is just another promotional action. She has already started the election campaign.

Timoshenko understands that her offer can not be accepted. She uses this promotional action in order to maintain her popularity among the people and to persuade electorate in her version of dismissal. She said they broke off successful activity of her government. But we know what it was in reality and what it resulted in.

Igor Kogut, Chairman of legislative initiatives Laboratory

In spite of “war of discreditable materials”, reconciliation of Yushchenko and Timoshenko is impartially needed. It is impossible to keep the situation as it is.

We have results, which are not clear for the people: when voting for Yekhanurov’s candidature, Yushchenko has got a support form the oppositional “Party of Region”, but not from Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko. There is a certain negative in such state of affairs.

And reconciliation in exchange for the post of PM is also inadmissible. However, reconciliation is unambiguously needed.


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