Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs Borys Tarasyuk within the framework of the 60th session of the UNO's General Assembly in New York held a meeting with the Rio Group, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry's spokesman Vasyl Filipchuk informed.

The Rio Group, established in 1986 in Mexico, is a source of political consultations for Latin America and Caribbean region countries.

Presently, the Rio Group amalgamates 19 countries, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Chili, Ecuador, Costa-Rica, Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Guyana.

Borys Tarasyuk briefed his interlocutors about the political situation in Ukraine, main directions of it's foreign policy, economic potential of the country, and possibilities for trade links deepening and launching bipartite, beneficial projects in various fields, including machinery and aircraft construction.

In its turn, the Rio Group noted, the region countries have been attentively observing the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and felicitate on democracy win.

The Rio Group representatives supported the idea of bipartite trade cooperation with Ukraine.

The Rio Group took the GUAM establishment with interest and agreed to consider further cooperation with the said organization.

The main attention during the meeting was brought to the matter of Ukraine's accession to the WTO and related problems, in particular trade cooperation with Ecuador, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. The Rio Group completely supported Ukraine and promised to consider this matter.

Borys Tarasyuk also held a bipartite meeting with Colombian Foreign Minister Carolina Barko Isakon, during which he raised a matter of bipartite political and trade cooperation. The matter of Ukrainian-Colombian negotiations within the framework of Ukraine's accession to the WTO was also considered.

Borys Tarasyuk invited Carolina Barko to Ukraine on official visit. The invitation was gratefully accepted.


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