Ex-vice PM of Ukraine Nickolay Tomenko is convinces that ex-PM Yulia Timoshenko at the head of her political bloc will win the parliamentary elections and again will take the post of PM on April.

Tomenko pointed out that he intends to become a representative of a political force, which Timoshenko to take part in parliamentary elections with.

Tomenko is sure that fundamental team for parliamentary elections will form around Bloc of Yulia Timoshenko. According to his data, the majority of “Reforms and Order” Party is inclined to join BYuT for participation in elections.

Tomenko also supposed that Timoshenko would be in opposition to the new government, but not to President.

From January 2006 the political reform will come in force in Ukraine, which provides for change of presidential-parliamentary form of government to parliamentary-presidential one.

The document extends plenary powers of Verkhovna Rada, which will have right to appoint PM, defense ministers, foreign ministers and other members of government.


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