Kiev Independent Media Trade Union accused NTKU direction of dismissal of 160 journalists working in the company. The Media Trade Union called it the violation of the previous agreements concerning the reorganization of the First National Channel.

Kirill Khoroshilov the chairman of Kiev Independent Media Trade Union informed that the negotiations with NKTU direction have been deadlocked because of the lack of the reorganization conception of NTKU.

“We do not stand against the dismissals. We are aware of necessity of reformation. But the dismissals are not fully worked and prepared. There are not plans of reorganization coordinated with trade unions,” mentioned Khoroshilov.

That is why the Media trade Union has decided to protect rights of its members working in NTKU. The trade union threatens NTKU with law suits and protest actions in case of violations of labor legislation.

Taras Stetskiv the President of NTKU called planned dismissals “optimization” which is necessary because of lots of odd units and non-professionals. The dismissal of those persons was called the necessity which was dictated by commercial competition. But he pledged to coordinate his actions with trade unions’ administration.


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