Ukraine is standing again on the verge of new religious conflicts. Such conclusion was made after the series of events in Cherkassy region and Kanev-town. There were lots of fisticuffs between flocks of two rival orthodox churches – Moscow and Kiev patriarchies.    

The first fight happened on May 10, in Shpola town. “The Brothers in Christ” heading by their spiritual leaders beat the same “Brothers” supporting the other spiritual leaders of the same reed. They beat each other with screwdrivers. One woman was injured in arm.

There was a three-day fight in Kanev cemetery. The orthodox Christians made the acts of vandalism: they seized money collected by priests from candle selling and charity; they blew up the funeral candles; they desecrated funeral food.

At the same time the same events happened in Cherkassy. One of the respected priests declared the territory of City Park round the cathedral to be the saint one. Then he expelled the Christians of another creed.           

Despite the horrible events, the local authorities do not pay attention to the situation.
The problem is that the priests, armed with church-chandelier and cross, participate in the conflicts instead of peaceful solution of the fights.

Besides, the initiators of religious conflicts should remember the sad historical experience of such actions. The centuries of religious wars are the best example of transformation of righteous Christians into the beasts killing children, omen and old men. The massacre of St. Bartholomew caught 70,000 persons per one night in Paris, children including.

Is there anybody who wants the same nightmare in Ukraine? The priests should remember the history, should not they?  

Vladimir Livarenko, specialy for "Criminal Ukraine"

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