First of all new chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Yuri Lucenko is going to combat against corruption. He promises to do his best for "the police being with the people". Also he states that he will be approachable and frank to journalists. He gave one of his first interviews in the capacity of the chief of MIA to our reporter.

Yuri Vitalievich, what are the minister’s primary tasks?

First of all, the president set the task to combat with corruption inside Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is impossible to restore people's confidence to MIA agencies without it. This is the main task. After this we will talk about the struggle against corruption in the country itself.

The president also made a term that I am a civilian minister. As he said, "you enter as a lieutenant and you will go out as a lieutenant".
And the third, - serious rejuvenation of the regular unit and structure changes in the Ministry, which has become the real totalitarian monster. This fact threatens national security in the most cases.

What will be your first steps in the ministerial office?

It is an examination of MIA structure, as its whole structure is closed enough for today. Then, it is a study of the state of affairs in the most problematic criminal parts of the country, inside MIA. I rely upon the cooperation with National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, attached to which National Bureau of Investigation and Struggle against corruption will be established. I think that all investigations and changes in the regular unit will be carried through this organ. Besides, I will do my best to increase the status of the main people in MIA structure- investigators and inspectors-, fundamentally decrease the generals and dismiss some structures.

I intend to deliver Ministry from unnecessary and far-fetched functions, such as Visas and Registration Department. A serious blow will be delivered to corruption in National Auto Inspection agency, Inter-district Department of Registration and Examination and other bodies where people come across with corrupt officials with epaulets.

Will a lot of members of MIA body be dismissed? Can you name the percentage?

In spite of my radical image I am not so radical in my actions, though very few regional leaders can prove their professionalism and decency concerning to information which PMs have. I do not want to mention any figures and facts now. Time, investigations and unprejudiced view will show. The main thing is that the professionals will continue to work. I would like that in a year I could represent from the tribune of Verhovna Rada with one sentence - police is with people.

How much open will be your work in Ministry, in particular cooperating with mass-media?

I think your colleagues-reporters know me and remember that I was approachable and public on any post. And I am going to stay like this. I promise to be approachable and frank to journalists. All time, free from the performance of my duty, will be given up to journalists.

Interview by Oxana Ptashka, ForUm


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