Top-stylist of elite Kiev salon “Megami”, Raisa Bozhko, finally clued about the plait of Ukrainian PM Yulia Timoshenko.

In an interview for "Comsomolskaya Pravda"-Ukraine she told that it is a switch.

"I answer honestly – it is a chignon. I met Timoshenko personally for several times and I know what I am talking about. First of all the difference between colour of natural hair and the plait is rather vivid. Secondly, the structure of the plait hair differs from the structure of natural hair," said the stylist.

She also stressed that "the main advantage of Timoshenko’s coiffure is its practicality. If to style hair rightly in the morning, the coiffure will remain the same till night."

At the same time Raisa Bozhko recommended Timoshenko to change her hairdresser. "I do not know who her hairdresser is, but I would recommend to change the master. The grown dark hair roots are seen regularly! And colouring leaves much to be desire," said she.

The stylist told that "a chignon, like Timoshenko has, costs about 300 dollars. But taking into account the fact that Timoshenko’s plait is not shorter than 90 cm, it can cost 400-500 dollars."

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