Viktor Yushchenko President of Ukraine reckons that there are good prospects for honest and transparent business here in Ukraine. It was said in the press conference in Alchevsk.  

According to Yushchenko, the successful realization of the reconstruction project in Alchevsk Metallurgical Works was possible only due to honest and public schemes of work used by the leadership of the enterprise. He is definitely sure that such schemes let the works to get investment in the sum of UAH 2 milliard.    

"I want to greet economy which openly works," mentioned Yushchenko. He pointed out the fact that it was the largest national investment. "I am glad that many partners could reach mutual understanding here," added President.

He also mentioned that it was international public audit which provided for positive appraisal of foreign creditors. "It is a perfect example for the enterprises: if it works openly and transparently, it will manage success in business. It the main lesson for the entrepreneurs to learn," stated the leader of the country.   

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