On Wednesday Eurasian Youth Union (EYU) picketed Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow, demanding Victor’s Yushchenko resignation and Ukraine’s joining the USA a the 52nd state.

As declared by EYU leader, Valery Korovin, "Ukraine ceased to be a sovereign country. The USA must to place without hiding its successor in Ukraine," reported RIA Novosty.

"We propose Yushchenko to resign from the post of President of Ukraine and to try to run for the post of US President. In case he manages to win, he will be able to defend Ukrainians’ interests in the new status," said he.

"Besides, such appointment will allow to conduct promised and long-awaited rotation of elite in very Ukraine," pointed out Korovin.

Participants of the action, 30 in number, declared that if Ukraine became the US appendage, it should change the flag. Demonstrators represented a new blue and yellow star-striped flag of Ukraine. After this one of the demonstrators set fire to the US flag.

The action finished in half an hour without any incidents.

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