Milla Jovovich, the famous Hollywood actress will come to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Artek children's camp. The organizers of the celebration have received her official consent on it.

Milla reported that her mother will come with her. Galina Loginova, Russian actress, emigrated from the USSR with her husband and daughter in 1980. "We are really going to take part children's festival in Artek. I heard much about this camp but I have never been there. So, it is a perfect chance," stated Jovovich.     

"I haven't been in Kiev since my early childhood (she left Ukraine five-year girl – edit.). I wish to see my motherhood beautiful, rich and happy. I kept a watchful eye on Orange Revolution in Ukraine and now I hope to see it this way," revealed the actress.

According to her, "it is a wonderful idea to celebrate the anniversary of children’s republic in such a big way. It will benefit politic and cultural situation of Ukraine."

The celebration will take place in Artek on August 18. Hundreds of famous persons will come to take part in it. The organizers pledge Patricia Kaas will come too.       

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