Yuri Solomatin, the people’s deputy and the member of Communistic Party of Ukraine (CPU) supposes that the ex-premier of Ukraine Pavel Lazarenko can appear on political arena in Ukraine.

"The matter is that all his (Lasarenko’s – ed.) "fraternity" has come to power… His stalwart and "political daughter" Yulia Timoshenko. He can come back, but I do not think our society will meet him as a hero. Though, certain layer of the authority, which was formed by Pavel Lazarenko, will welcome him as a hero," said Solomatin in the interview to ForUm.

He pointed out that some opponents of CPU remember about different bad deeds of the party, in particular, the episode about the so-called "three ears", when a theft from kolkhoz field was punished very severely.

"Now, if a person steals a bag of chaff from a private person, criminal proceedings will be instituted against him. But if a person steals millions and milliards using gaps of legislation, he can claims for posts in state authorities," said the deputy.

According to Solomatin, "orange revolution" was the revolt of those, who did not have time to steal.

"They dreamed they would be able to steal under the new regime, as their predecessors did," said Solomatin.

The deputy forecasts that such persons as Pavel Lazarenko, Yulia Timoshenko, Igor Bakai will come to the surface.

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