According to polls, half of all Kievans (51%) believe in the existence of supernatural forces.  More specifically, 24% believe in the existence of supernatural forces, 14% believe in the supernatural, but not of all kinds, 13% suspect that something of the kind exists.

At the same time, 29% categorically refute the existence of supernatural forces and consider such beliefs to be pure superstition.  11% of Kievans don’t believe and think that "as for the supernatural we understand it to be something which we cannot comprehend."  8% did not know what to answer.  1% of respondents refused to answer this question, as reported by UNIAN.

In answer to the question "Have you ever had to deal with supernatural forces?" 12% answered "yes," 18% said "probably yes," 21% said "maybe yes and maybe no," 11% responded with "most likely no," 33% are sure that they haven’t, 4% think that people do not talk about such things, 0.4% do not want to answer this question, while 0.3% do not know what to answer.

Margin of error is 1.5%.  The poll took place on July 10.  1500 adult Kievans were polled.

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