The first deputy chairman of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Adam Martinuk, considers that if the adopted changes in Constitution of Ukraine are nullified it will be obligatory to declare invalid the other decisions, passed along with this Act, including the changes in election legislation, and as a result the presidential elections-2004 will be declared invalid.

Martinuk declared about it on the open international conference "Presidential Elections-2004 in Ukraine: problems of theory and practice." According to him, there are attempts to appeal to Constitutional Court in order to abolish changes in Constitution.

Martinuk underlined that it cannot be allowed, otherwise the question about invalid presidential elections will arise, and "we will start from the very beginning."

We remind, on December 8, 2004 Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine made changes in Basic Law, having turned Ukraine into parliamentary-presidential state, passed and delivered to Constitutional Court the bill draft on changes in Constitution concerning local self-government and the Act "On Presidential elections in Ukraine."

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