In Moscow, discussing the report about economical situation in Ukraine, Boris Nemtsov, the freelance adviser of the president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, declared that Timoshenko harms Ukrainian state.

"She will destroy the country in the near future. Julia Timoshenko is the most real and concrete enemy of the State system," asserts Nemtsov. He proposed to send Timoshenko in opposition.

The popular in Russia expert Andres Oslund supported Boris Nemtsov. "Victor Yushchenko should immediately remove Timoshenko. There will be a plot in Ukraine, if Yushchenko does not do it. She is introducing the oligarchic policy of Victor Yanukovich in the state," said Oslund.

In Oslund’s opinion, "the most awful thing is that the majority of Yushchenko’s team has taken Timoshenko’s side."

He also added that, Anatoly Kinakh, the first vice-premier, told that he repeatedly heard in Brussels about Timoshenko’s activity. "The actions of the Ukrainian government at the head of Julia Timoshenko worry the West."

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