The secretary of National Security and Defence Council Petr Poroshenko speaks against promulgation the so-called "Kinakh’s list".

Poroshenko declared about it on the press-conference in response to the question about contradictions in the statements of the members of government, the prime minister and the president concerning this list. "There is such a list…It was prepared by instructions of the president," confirmed Poroshenko, having admitted that this list contains 29 enterprises, but it can be extended.

At the same time the head of NSDC considers it inadmissible to promulgate the list till the illegality of privatization proceedings of these enterprises is confirmed by the Court.

According to Poroshenko, the government has to determine the criteria according to which "extra evaluation" of enterprises, privatized before, will be fixed, and to send in the bill draft to the parliament.

We remind, on May 12 the first vice-prime minister Anatoly Kinakh declared that the government had prepared the list of 29 enterprises which have to be examined in order to ascertain whether these enterprises had been privatized legally and estimated right.

On May 29 the prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko refuted the existence of such a list.

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