The Ukrainian mobile operators will not be able to influence the results of the vote during the song contest "Eurovision – 2005," said the President of the National Ukrainian Television Broadcaster, Taras Stetskiv.

According to his words, the European Linguistic Union, being the organizer of the contest, uses the system of the centralized phone vote. The service was given by Deutsche Telecom. The company will collect the information from all of the states taking part in the vote. The process of vote will be provided by the national operators chosen by Deutsche Telecom, "Podrobnosti" reported.

The mobile vote will be supported by all Ukrainian cell operators. However, none of them will be responsible for the results of the vote, and none of them will influence the results, even the Kyivstar having the status of the International Mobile Operator and the International Sponsor of the contest.

Taras Stetskiv pointed to the main function of mobile operators in the vote process as the function of the simple transmitting device of call or SMS to the company-provider. The last one, after the primary analysis, will send the votes to the information center, where they will be summarized and calculated.

The President of the National Ukrainian Television Broadcaster also mentioned that the exacting requirements were made to the mobile operators which support the vote in all states participating in "Eurovision – 2005." In particular, these demands are following: to provide about 80% of population with the telephone network, to create the special numbers for voting and to provide the single cost for the minute and SMS.

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