One of these days Mass Medias informed that Ukraine can get an invitation to enter NATO to the end of April. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Antanas Valionis has supposed that on April 21 in Vilnius, within the Summit of Foreign Affairs Ministers of NATO state-members, "Ukraine-NATO" commission   will adopt the real Action Plan concerning the Ukraine’s further joining the Alliance.

However, yesterday this statement has been denied by the NATO Secretary General Yaal de Hoop Skheffer, reported. More than that, this shouldn’t be expected even over the informal meeting of the Foreign Affairs Ministers of NATO state members in Vilnius (Lithuania).

According to Skheffer, over the meeting to be held on the coming Wednesday or Thursday, the negotiations will be carried out with the Ukrainian colleagues. "We will certainly promote the Ukraine-NATO relationships forward. Also, the agreement on the more intensified dialogue is to be reached. Though, there will not be any decision taken concerning the membership. This is out of the question for the time being", - Mr. Skheffer has added.

The president Yushchenko has repeatedly stated both in Ukraine and within his foreign trips about the European course of our country and our intention to be included into the North-Atlantic Alliance in the foreseeable future.


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