Contradictions between Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko and the Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko have come to critical point. The premier can resign in few days.

According to a deputy of Verkhovna Rada, a member of Timoshenko’s faction, the reason of last scandals was Timoshenko’s intention to visit Moscow to agree about strengthening of cooperatin, while Yushchenko is preparing to negotiations concerning Ukraine’s membership in NATO and EU, and also to Kishinev’s summit of GUUAM (Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Azerbadzhan, Moldova), which can dot in existence of CIS.

The second reason became the arrival of representatives of Boris Beresovsky in Kiev. The fact of their arrival strengthened internal political position of Petr Poroshenko, the head of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine, who is in bad relations with Julia Timoshenko. "If she gives up and resigns, Poroshenko will become the prime minister", - a deputy consider. According to him, Poroshenko was sure he would hold the post of the head of Cabinet of ministers after victory of "orange revolution", and he took Timoshenko’s appointment as a misunderstanding.

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