The head of Civil Liberties Fund, formed by the businessman Boris Beresovsky, Alexander Goldfarb and historian Yurij Felshtinsky intend to arrive in Ukraine this week and bring Melnichenko’s records. 

"We will bring materials, records and other things to attach them to the criminal case… We have not agreed with the date of arrival, but I think it will happen on Wednesday", - Goldfarb said.

Goldfarb and Felshtinsky will also testify, "Interfax-Ukraine" reported.

In response to the question why the former colonel-lieutenant of Federal Security Service Alexander Litvinenko will not come with them, Goldfarb said: "As concerns Litvinenko, the providing him with security can appear to be a problem. Under arrangement with the Ukrainian side he will be testified in London".

According to Goldfarb, there is no threat of his safety or safety of Felshtinsky. "The matter is that we are citizens of the USA and are not the officials of Federal Security Service. Our safety was guaranteed by the Ukrainian side, and this question is not as sharp as with Litvinenko", - Goldfarb underlined.

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