Viennese doctor, the professor Michael Zimpfer, who discovered the fact of poisoning and treated Yushchenko, declared in the interview to the German newspaper "Bild": "Experts do not doubt that poisoning can cause very rare form of cancer, which attack muscles and soft tissues of organism". According to Zimpfer, the chances of cancer are good: concentration of toxin in Yushchenko’s organism exceeds the norm in 3500 times.

By experts’ estimation, the poison for Yushchenko was produced in secret laboratory of State Security Committee (KGB), also known as "Laboratory 12". This poison was not a simple dioxin, but a "biological bomb".
It was clear from the very beginning that simple dioxin can not cause such symptoms. Two other cases of poisoning by dioxin, examined by experts of medical faculty of Vienna University, showed that toxin itself can not act so quickly and cause such ailments as Yushchenko has. It appears that he was exposed not by a known chemical agent, but a complex compound.

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