The doctor in charge of the case of Victor Yushchenko in the Austrian clinic "Rudolfinerhaus" Mr.Korpan declares that there was no pressure on doctors from Yushchenko’s supporters. He said about it, commenting the interview of another doctor of clinic Lotar Wicke, which declared about pressure on him from Yushchenko’s surrounding.

Korpan, who directly treated the Ukrainian president, insists also, that the clinic never asserted Yushchenko was poisoned. "We asserted that on the basis of researches and clinical symptomatology, it was impossible to eliminate or confirm the diagnosis of poisoning", - he marks, "Ukraynska pravda" reports.

Korpan categorically denied any assertions concerning pressure from Yushchenko’s surrounding. "There were, maybe, emotions, but these were human emotions. As deputies did not understand, they had asked: "Why do you organize a conference, why have not you asked the patient?" They took interest, but it did not mean that they had threatened", - the doctor said.

Besides, Korpan declared that Wicke did not take direct part in the treatment of Victor Yushchenko. "He has different speciality. Former head physician Wicke is a radiologist. According to his speciality he does not have a right to be in touch with a patient, because he examines radiographs in his rontgenologic cabinet. And his assertions that he directly took part in the first and second examination, are groundless and untruthful", - Korpan said.

Korpan was very much surprised by statement that man speaking accented English rang Dr Wicke and introduced himself as "a friend from the Ukraine". He said the man told him to "take care. Your life is in danger".

"Doctor Wicke does not speak English; therefore this is a large riddle for me that he gives an interview to the English newspaper "Daily Telegraph" and talks that someone rang him. It is contrivances", - Korpan marked.

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