On March, 15 in the village Vorontsovka of the Kharkov region five-year-old Nastya with the two-year-old sister Luda were staying at home alone when the fire happened in the house. At first the senior sister tried to extinguish a fire singly. Having understood, that it was above her strength, Nastya, shielding the sister by own body, took her away from blazing house. As a result of tragedy Nastya had got 80% of third-degree burn.

The girl has survived several surgeries, but she is still in grave condition.

Victor Vikarchuk from Khmelnitsk, who co-operates with the American doctors, has undertaken to help the girl. He had heard about Nastya on TV news, and in 2 days sent her pictures to Boston.

An operation for skin growing and transplantation in this case is possible only in America and Germany. According to Vikarchuk, "Americans are ready to take the child and treat her at their own expense. Ukraine does not have possibility to treat such burns".

PMs of Ukraine declared they would collect money for girl’s treatment.

Nastya will stay in America for a few months. Skin growing and transplantation needs time. Only15% of skin will grow from 1% for 3 weeks. And Nastya needs 80%. However, the Bostonian doctors hope for the best as they cured a child of 99% of burns.

According to the press-service of Nina Karpacheva charged with human rights, it was planned to send Nastya Ovchar to Boston today by regular craft "Aerosvit", but in connection with the down condition doctors insisted that the girl had to be in the Boston center to 24:00 on Thursday.

The obligatory conditions of flight are absence of landing, which the child will not be able to survive, and maintenance of necessary temperature.

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