"I think that the only version of Kravchenko’s death is the fact that everything possible and impossible has been done for not naming the customers of Gongadze’s murder", - PM Taras Chornovil underlined in the interview to ForUm. 

"Actions of the president and the general prosecutor were pre-condition to Kravchenko’s murder… In the nearest time it is necessary to set a guard to the heavily sick police general Fara, which was one of the Kravchenko’s deputies and which also can be liquidated".

"These people – Kravchenko and Fara - to my mind are a chainlet between customers and performers. I do not believe that particular former public agents had possibility to reach Kravchenko and destroy him.

Many people among new government are not interested in naming the customers. Possibly, someone is also indirectly related to George Gongadze’s murder.

PM of faction BJT Andrey Shkil considers that the ex-minister’s suicide is, probably, not real, but imitation.

According to him, very surprising suicides happened lately in Ukraine. In particular, the deputy reminded about the minister of transport George Kirpa’s similar death. 

PM considers also, that Kravchenko’s testimonies could influence the fate of the ex-president Kuchma. "Kravchenko was a primary witness, who said, according to Melnichenko’s records, that there were no such tasks which he could not execute", –Shkil underlined.

"I am surprised that general prosecution did not guard him, as far as Kravchenko was an important witness, which had to be protected", – added the deputy.

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