The ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma lives in one of the best villas in Karlovy Vary in Czekh. 

Leonid Kuchma arrived on Tuesday at 13 o'clock by direct charter flight Kiev-Karlovy Vary. There were at least three persons aboard, one of them a woman. The local camera-men saw Leonid Kuchma walking with this woman along Karlovarska colonnade. 

To find out, whether it was Kuchma’s wife or not, was not possible, "Ukrainska Pravda" informs. 

The speaker of embassy of Ukraine in Prague Andrey Motorny answered: "This is mister Kuchma’s personal business, with whom he goes to rest". Leonid Kuchma (together with a woman) lives in one of the best villas, where political figures like to rest. The president of Kazakhstan stayed here last time. 

The hotel belongs to the kazakh businessmen from Alma-Ata. A three-storyed comfortable villa is located on the Garden Street in the picturesque nook of Karlovy Vary near the Russian orthodox temple. There are some hot wells of mineral water. 

Hotel Minion refused to give any information about their client Kuchma. They report only, that there are phthisiatric, balneal treatment, massages, pool, etc. at his services.

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