President of Fund of effective policy Gleb Pavlovsky denies his involvement into poisoning of president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko. 

"It is a primitive falsification which I fully deny. (…)This is a petty lie of the TV channel which works in the mode of propaganda and counterpropaganda" - said Pavlovsky on Wednesday, "Interfax-Ukraine" informs.We remind that "The 5th channel" gave to Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine the tape with the record of phone talk of two figures of Russian Federal security service who said that the idea of poisoning Yushchenko belonged to Russian political technologist Gleb Pavlovsky.

Pavlovsky, commenting these reports, said that even in December "the 5th channel" program, in which the tape was mentioned, "seemed to be too rough PR-action even for the supporters of present power". "It is obvious even to unprofessional, that such question, like poisoning of political figure, can not be discussed by phone". 

He admitted, that the undertaken action "could be developed by some circles in Ukrainian security service, whose purpose was to bring an anti-russian mood". Pavlovsky added also, that he has "unverified information that some circles in Ukraine consider this situation as an answer for unclosed Russian case concerning prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko".

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