Last year reduction of quantity of population of Ukraine made 341,6 thousands men, that as compared to 2003 year is less on 10,3%. Thus the quantity of urban population diminished on 137,1 thousands, rural - on 204,5 thousands men.

It was reported in National Statistics Committee.

There were 47,28 million men (urban population - a few more than 32 millions, rural - 15,27 million) on January, 1 of this year in Ukraine. Natural reduction of population made 334 thousands man last year, in comparison with 2003 years it is less on 6,4%.427,3 thousands were born in the country (more than 4,6%, then in 2003). The index of birth-rate grew from 8,5 of new-borns on a 1000 of population in 2003 to 9 on 1 thousand in 2004.

Last year the amount of dying was 761,3 thousands men, that on 4,1 thousands (0,5%) is less, than in 2003; intensity of death rate during last two years is 1,6%. In 2004 4026 children died under age of 1 year (during 2003 years - 3882 children); intensity of child's death rate did not change and made 9 children on 1000 born, "Interfax-Ukraine" informs.

As compared to 2003 years the amount of marriages diminished on 25% (from 371,0 thousand to 278,2 thousand), divorces - on 2,3% (from 177,2 thousand to 173,2 thousand).

Migratory reduction of population diminished as compared to 2003 years in 3 times and made 7,6 thousand men. Diminishing of migratory outflow happened due to the decline from 63,7 thousand to 46,2 thousand of number of those who left the country. Number of arrivals to Ukraine reduced from 39,5 thousand to 38,6 thousand men.

According to National Statistics Committee there are 456 cities, 886 settlements of city type and 28 thousands 585 villages in Ukraine on January, 1, 2005. Donetsk (52), Lvov (43) and Lugansk (37) regions have the biggest quantity of all cities, Nikolaev and Kherson (9) regions - the smallest. More than 1800 villages belong to Lvov and Poltava regions, less of all - 398 - in Chernovitskaya region.


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