New minister of Justice Roman Zvarich did not have time to change anything in his new cabinet and feels there uncomfortable. According to his words, there are a lot of icons in his cabinet in Verhovna Rada. «My wife collects icons, and there are even icons of 18th century in her collection », - said Zvarich pointing out that there are no ones in a new cabinet. He told to journalists, that he is a deeply believing man.

Besides, Zvarich reported that building repair on Rilsky lane, 10 is now completed. It belonged to the bank «Ukraine»before, now to Department of Justice. «My cabinet will not be the cabinet of former leader of bank – there we plan to conduct soccer matches, as he is so enormous, - minister joked. My cabinet will be the cabinet of former chief accountant, though he is large enough, like a basket-ball ground, we will think how arrange it properly».

Answering journalists’ question, whether there are portraits in his cabinet, he said: «Portraits are not of my style. At least, the portrait of Kuchma is absent in my cabinet. Even if there will be the portrait of president of Ukraine, it does not mean my demonstration of devotion to him. It does not cause doubting, and if it is, I will abdicate from my credentials ».


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